Trusted Counsel provides seasoned, practical and confidential legal services for businesses. We are a corporate and intellectual property law firm dedicated to serving the unique needs of companies, investors and legal departments. Our focus is to guide and empower you with exceptional legal counsel, knowledge and tools that lead to practical, informed business decisions.

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Our Typical Clients

We serve the unique needs of businesses and individuals by delivering specialized expertise and a high degree of responsiveness and sensitivity. Learn more about each of our practice areas

  • Companies
  • Investors
  • Legal Departments

Scope of Legal Services

Our work centers on business growth, financial stability, asset protection, intellectual property and corporate transactional support. Our scope of services includes:

  • Technology Businesses
  • Corporate Law
  • Contracts
  • Private Equity & Securities
  • Mergers & Acquisitions/Exit Transactions
  • Intellectual Property
  • Tax Practice
  • Employment Law